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Fundament (pol. foundation) is one of the few newsletters on the market that covers the business aspect of product design. Run by two long-time friends with two decades of experience combined, it delivers opinions, helpful career advice, and interviews with incredible product people.

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What can you expect:

  • Advice on building a portfolio, personal growth, and transitioning into the UX design field

  • Opinions on the UX and product design industry

  • Tips on the visual part of design, such as design systems, typography, and prototyping

  • Practical articles about user research, design process, and facilitating workshops

  • Interviews with excellent UX and Product people


Fundament is run by two long-time friends: Arkadiusz (Arek) Radek and Mateusz Litarowicz. They are both senior product designers with more than two decades of experience combined.

  • Arkadiusz (Arek) Radek – Senior Product Designer at ICEYE

    Arek is a Product Designer obsessed with simplicity, efficiency, and bringing people the joy of using apps. Since 2022, he has been shaping tools that increase situational awareness and speed up disaster response during natural catastrophe events at ICEYE.

  • Mateusz Litarowicz – Senior Product Designer at Interia

    Mateusz creates digital experiences and develops design systems for apps and websites, focusing on connecting design and technology with users and businesses. Since 2023, he has been developing a design system for Interia, Poland's largest online news outlet.

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