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Fundament (pol. foundation) was established with a simple goal. We wanted to have a place to share what we learned in our ten-year UX and Product Design careers. The things that matter in design. The practicalities of our job. The lesser-known and unpopular bits. The content that will help you grow as a UX or Product Designer. Zero fluff.


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What kind of content can you expect?

  • Tips on portfolio, career advancements, and transitioning to UX

  • Thoughts on the UX and Product Design industry

  • Tips on the visual part of design, such as design systems, typography, and prototyping

  • Tips on user research, design process, and facilitating workshops

  • Interviews with amazing UX and Product people


Fundament is run by two long-time friends – Arkadiusz (Arek) Radek and Mateusz Litarowicz, both Senior Product Designers with more than two decades of experience combined.

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